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Corporate Membership Program
We are committed to create an alliance in the blockchain and crypto space with trusted organisations. Our goal is to build a truly global network with professional corporate members only. Get in touch with a SACA representative if you want to know more about our alliance.
The standard annual fee for membership is USD 2,000 for all sized-enterprises.
If you sign up by 30 September 2019,  the welcome 25% discount applies, so the price is reduced to USD 1,500.- 
(no automatic renewal)
The membership includes the following benefits.
1. 2 exclusive tickets for 2 SACA hosted events per year: 1 event in Switzerland and 1 event in an Asian country. 
The first upcoming SACA summit will be on 7-8 November 2019, in Seoul/Korea. Members will be invited to the exclusive networking lunch or dinner and the cocktail party. 
2. Access to other business contacts within SACA network and support to facilitate meetings
3. Preliminary legal and regulatory consultation regarding covered regions
Membership Sign-Up

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