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Cryptocurrency's Anti-money laundering technically difficult

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KCCI), the chief of the Korea Block Chain Association, held a roundtable meeting on the 21st in Kangnam Paxnet, Seoul, to prepare countermeasures against the domestic cryptographic exchange in accordance with the FATF regulation recommendation. (Photo = ZDNet Korea)

(FATF) to voice the concerns of the industry on the "anti-money laundering obligation" to strengthen the country's block-chain association. The FATF will require all companies that deal with cryptography to verify information about the recipient as well as the person sending the cryptogram, but it will appeal that it is virtually impossible to follow it immediately.

We will hold the V20 Summit (Virtual Asset Service Provider Summit) in Osaka, Japan from June 28 to 29, in line with the G20 Summit. The Korea Block Chain Association is also planning to participate as a V20 preparatory committee and is currently coordinating FATF interviews.

Korea Block Chain Association 's Self - Regulatory Committee held a meeting to prepare countermeasures against domestic cryptographic exchange in accordance with FATF regulatory recommendation at Kangnam Paxnet in Seoul on the 21st.

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