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appointment of Wee Meng Thoo as Vice President and board member of SACA.

Switzerland, 8th March 2021.

SACA (Swiss Asia Crypto Alliance), the non-profit organisation registered in Switzerland, with the mission of promoting and bridging fintech, crypto and blockchain ecosystems between Switzerland and Asian countries, today announced the appointment of Wee Meng Thoo as Vice President and board member of SACA.

Currently, Wee Meng is the Partner and Head of Investments, Digital and Sustainability Sector of Leonie Hill Capital, a Singapore based PE and VC firm under the regulation of MAS with over 15 years of track record in Tech and Sustainable Investments generating superior returns alongside with value creation principles to generate positive, measurable, social and environmental impact.

Prior to joining LHC, he spent more than 15 years in the Tech industry, where he was active in Market Strategy, Start-ups and Operational management in Tech giants like HP, Oracle, VMware, NEC across Asia Pacific and Middle East region.

Wee Meng started his career as Software and Network Engineer, over the years as Product and Sales Management with P&L responsibilities, and subsequently reskilled himself as a Fund Manager

Dr. Sothy Kol-Men, one of the co-founders of SACA, who has served as the organisation’s president since the inception of SACA in 2019 has stepped down from the SACA board. Juhee Lee, who served as a VP of SACA, succeeds him in his role as a President of SACA. Ivo Sauter, who is the current Chief Digital at Gazprombank (Switzerland) and former Chief Client Officer of SIX Digital Exchange, will continue to serve SACA as the board director.

Juhee, the newly appointed president of SACA said, "I am very excited and honoured to work with Wee Meng and Ivo, who are already high-level influencers and active players in building high level business strategy in the Swiss crypto scene and the TMT global investment scene respectively. At the same time, I deeply appreciate the contribution and passion that Dr. Kol-Men has made from the beginning in establishing SACA. We are now ready to bring SACA to the next level in the life of the global non-profit organisation that bridges the Swiss and Asian crypto ecosystem. Now Wee Meng has joined us at SACA, we will be actively developing an ecosystem around Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by creating an exclusive investors’ network, both from Switzerland and from Asia; providing these investors who are interested in crypto space investment with trusted, high level regulatory advice relating to relevant countries, along with constant deal flows of crypto & blockchain start-ups. SACA’s new strategy is currently under development and we will announce it once it has been finalised”.

Switzerland is the forerunner of the regulatory environment in terms of crypto assets, and SACA will mutually benefit both Switzerland and Asian countries (South Korea, China, Singapore, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia etc), by creating a positive impact and stimulus for the country's regulators in crypto space, and by promoting and building a healthy and sustainable investors’ ecosystem by forging cross-border alliances for our target countries.

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