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D'Light Law firm & SACA hold a webinar about crypto asset regulations

The South Korean government's new regulation on crypto assets will be enforced in March 2021. (Act for Virtual Asset Service Providers)

In line with this new AML act enforcement, our partner Korean law firm D'Light and SACA (together with BUSAN TECHNOPARK & Busan Center for Creative Economy & Innovation) have organized this special webinar on 16 March 2021 to discuss this topic for Korean audience, also to have a chance to learn about other countries regulatory trend in light of crypto assets by inviting the regulatory experts from USA, Singapore, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

If you are Korean speaker, please sign up for this webinar at

There are two major features of this new VASP act by Korean government.

1. A major feature of the proposed rule changes will potentially require virtual asset service providers (VASP) to use real-name accounts for transactions with their users and customers.

2. Furthermore ,VASPs will also have to obtain a certificate of Information Security Management from Korea Information Security Agency.

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